Professional Learning

Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy offers professional learning models to suit every school’s needs for their educators, students, and parent communities.

Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy is endorsed to provide NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher.

Different options to suit your PL needs

Short and inspiring 2-hour after school workshops, open to teams of up to 8 educators from all sectors. Anita and Tim offer a range of practical, hands-on workshops using whole-class resources ready for use in the classroom the very next day.

Annual conferences and one-day leadership workshops, designed to inform, inspire and empower your team to create a whole-school approach and learn from some of the best mathematics educators and experts in Australia.

Anita and Tim help you design a tailored professional learning plan that supports your school’s target areas for improvement. Helping you develop a whole-school approach and translating the curriculum into effective classroom practice.

A blended model of PL consisting of online demo lessons, face-to-face team workshops, online reflection and all your printables in one place; Anita’s whole-school framework enables you to implement new learnings, and share with your peers.

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A whole-school approach to mathematics

With more than forty years’ combined experience in Australian Primary Mathematics, we have learned that taking a whole-school approach is the first step towards outstanding mathematics teaching and learning. Because of this, everything we do is aimed at helping schools develop a unified whole-school approach.

The Whole-School Approach Model

The Whole-School Approach Model represents a synthesis of elements drawn from research and teaching and leadership experience in Australian primary schools; all known to create an effective approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. The model contains two layers: the outer orange circle demonstrating the elements of ‘Culture and Beliefs’ and the inner circle demonstrating the ‘Behaviours and Practices’ exhibited in classrooms as evidence of the school culture and beliefs.

How many of these characteristics do you see in your school?

A learning journey to suit your school

At Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy We offer two ‘Learning Journeys’ for schools: Anita Chin’s whole-school primary mathematics journey and Tim Waugh’s school transformation mentoring. Both are tailored to the school’s context, culture and needs. Take a look at the journey planners below to see which one is best suited to your needs and understand where your school needs to go next on its learning journey.

Anita Chin’s whole-school primary mathematics journey

A whole-school approach to mathematics that equips school teams with the language, tools and curriculum and pedagogical knowledge to deliver outstanding mathematics teaching and learning within the classroom. This journey combines hands-on learning with syllabus exploration, staff training, parent education, face-to-face and online learning.

Tim Waugh’s school transformation mentoring

A whole-school approach that creates a vision for your school, unifies and inspires your teams and designs a sustainable mathematics plan for lasting change. As part of your journey Tim works within your school community to provide ongoing mentoring, create deep change and inspire all members of the school community.

Not sure where your school is at on its learning journey, or where to start?

Planning your school’s primary mathematics PL journey

Are you a maths team leader, instructional leader, maths coach, curriculum coordinator, principal, consultant or director of teaching & learning?

Below is a simple four-step plan to help school leaders plan your school’s PL journey with Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy.

  1. Identify which courses best meet your school’s identified areas of improvement
  2. Consider which model of professional learning will best suit your needs and budget
  3. For in-school tailored consultancy, check our availability for the dates you have in mind
  4. Contact us to discuss a tailored professional learning plan by completing the contact form, indicating the most suitable time for us to phone you.

Tailored professional learning models

In order to make a lasting impact, professional learning needs to be delivered across a whole school in a planned and structured way. ​As your learning partner and change agent, we will work with you to design a one-year strategic learning plan that supports your school’s budget and target areas for improvement.

Your engagement with Anita starts with a conversation between one of our consultants and your relevant school leader, to:

  • Understand your school’s context and the learning journey that your educators have been on to date
  • Discuss your goals for the school, teachers and students
  • Determine the needs of both your educators and students
  • Identify the current challenges at your school
  • Discuss potential learning experiences and devise a personalised plan for your school

Large-scale regional projects

Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy also works on large-scale projects with Regional Consultants from both Catholic and Independent school sectors, collaborating to design and deliver professional learning to all schools within a division. Additionally we work in partnership with schools such as NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan schools.

​​​Contact us if you would like to see examples of strategic professional learning plans which our consultants have created for individual schools.

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