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Planning to improve the teaching of maths at your school? Anita can come to your school to help!
Courses for your whole staff. Courses for leaders. Even sustained learning journeys!

Courses for your whole staff delivered at your school

Anita provides professional learning in four focus areas which can be delivered as a sustained learning journey or as stand-alone courses.
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Teaching the Full Range of Learners

Inspire your teachers with powerful teaching strategies for differentiation in maths including the effective use of language, concrete materials, visual models and open-ended questions. Select a delivery model to view available courses.

Syllabus Knowledge, Scope and Sequence

Focus on developmental sequences of learning in maths by delving deep into the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus in an after-school workshop or creating a whole-school scope and sequence for maths Kindergarten to Year 6 in one jam-packed day!

Structuring High-Quality Lessons

Improve student engagement and make the most of every minute of learning time. Learn how to structure high-quality maths lessons for maximum impact! Select a delivery model to view available courses.

Observational Assessment

Develop observational assessment checklists for quick and easy assessment ‘on the fly’ in mathematics Kindergarten to Year 6 using Anita’s systematic whole-school approach. 

Courses for maths leaders

Anita provides professional learning for leaders which can be delivered as part of a sustained learning journey or as a stand-alone course.

Leading maths K–6 with Anita

Sustained learning journeys

Partner with Anita to set your school up for success in mathematics and meet the goals of your school’s strategic plan.

Sustained learning journeys

Short and sharp ticketed events

Anita offers short, sharp ticketed events from time to time. Designed for individuals or teams to attend.  

ChinUP events

open to anyone


open to anyone

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