Customised professional learning journeys with Anita

Transform the teaching and learning of mathematics at your school by embarking on a sustained professional learning journey for 12 to 24 months with Australia’s leading primary mathematics expert, Anita Chin.

Anita will work within your school, collaborating with your leaders and teachers to implement a whole-school approach to maths.

In her trademark inspiring and practical style, Anita will use her Primary Mathematics Framework (2020) and NSW curriculum aligned resources to transform your teachers into confident inspired maths educators.

Learning Journey | Onboarding staff at Carlingford West Public School, NSW

Planning your school’s journey

It is easy to plan a customised learning journey to suit your school’s needs and budget. 

STEP 1: Discuss the maths PL needs of each stage with the executive team K-6.
STEP 2: Download the Journey Planner and use it to draft your PL journey in preparation for your planning call with Anita.
STEP 3: Find an available date to start your PL journey.
STEP 4: Schedule a planning call with Anita using our Contact us page. Ideally, the Principal and at least one other member of the School Leadership Team will be in the call.

Building capacity in your leaders and teachers

Once your school has created their Maths leadership team (called a ‘Maths Crew’), the termly face-to-face professional learning cycle typically consists of:

  1. Maths and school leaders engaged in a one or two-day leadership workshop with Anita
  2. All staff participating in a whole-day or after-school workshop with Anita
  3. All staff experience Anita teaching a maths demonstration lesson with your students in their classroom.

Maintaining the maths momentum

Your K-6 Maths Crew maintain the maths momentum by:

  • using the agreed time to focus on maths at the start of every staff and stage meeting
  • providing teachers with resources, eg with concrete materials, printables
  • supporting teachers in the classroom, eg through mentoring, modelling, team teaching
  • delivering whole-staff PL to support implementation of Anita’s teaching strategies.

Ready to step up your learning journey?