A whole-school approach to primary mathematics

After more than 25 years in mathematics education, Anita has learnt that a consistent whole-school approach is essential for high-quality teaching and learning in primary mathematics.

Anita’s whole-school approach empowers teachers and leaders with the content knowledge, strategies and tools they need to deliver learning experiences that support students to improve their understanding and achievement in mathematics.

Anita believes all teachers need a deep understanding of the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus in order to meet the needs of the full range of learners in their classroom.

Your whole-school maths learning journey

Anita will work with you to understand your unique context and challenges. She delivers all workshops and demonstration lessons in person at your school. 

Your school’s learning journey with Anita includes: 

  • whole-staff workshops to inspire your teachers with new strategies and ideas
  • demonstration lessons delivered in your classrooms 
  • leadership workshops to empower your school leaders and maths leaders to establish and sustain the changes needed for success. 

Anita grounds all professional learning in her Primary Mathematics Framework to provide the structure you need to drive improvement and measure success.

Anita’s Primary Mathematics Framework

Anita Chin’s Primary Maths Framework (Chin, 2020) is the culmination of more than 25 years’ experience in leading and teaching mathematics in Australian schools. The Framework combines a strong evidence base with Anita’s extensive knowledge of what works best in primary maths classrooms.

The Framework provides a structure to support schools to implement a consistent and sustainable whole-school approach to maths. It contains four components: 

  • teacher and student mindsets (orange)
  • a dedicated crew leading maths (navy)
  • fundamentals for leaders (teal)
  • 10 elements of high-quality teaching practice arranged in four layers (coloured jigsaw pieces).

All of Anita’s professional learning links to her Framework which is complemented by her 360 Degree Reflection Tool. The Reflection Tool is designed to be used at key milestones on your learning journey to gather the data you need to demonstrate progress towards your school’s strategic direction for mathematics.