Inspiring primary teachers to love teaching maths!

Empower your teachers to become confident maths educators.

Excite your teachers with practical strategies to engage the full range of learners in maths.

Equip your leaders to create a learning environment where all students can be mathematicians.

Anita Chin acts as a change agent to make maths a priority in schools. With her distinctive no-nonsense approach, she calls it as she sees it without fear or favour.

Anita’s professional learning options

Anita can come to your school and deliver:

  • customised 6 to 24-month whole-school learning journey
  • stand-alone whole staff courses for leaders and teachers
  • demonstration lessons with your students in their own classrooms.

Send a small team to one of Anita’s ticketed ‘open’ events:

  • ChinLEAD two-day events for your maths leadership team
  • ChinUP after-school workshops for up to 8 teachers from your school
  • Anita’s annual conference for up to 8 teachers and leaders from your school.

Anita’s superpower: Demonstration lessons for teachers

Inspire your teachers with the ultimate in mathematics professional learning. Anita comes to your school and delivers three high-impact demonstration lessons K–6 in one day.

Your teachers watch her model explicit teaching in a 5-part lesson structure using simple and effective strategies. They see that differentiation is doable. They see their own students engaged and excited about learning maths.

Demonstration lessons are the sure-fire way to excite your teachers and kickstart your school’s journey towards a consistent whole-school approach to teaching maths.

Anita’s approach and Framework

Anita believes a consistent whole-school approach is the essential ingredient in improving student understanding and achievement in maths in primary schools. 

Anita works in schools to develop a whole-school approach which aligns with their strategic direction for mathematics. All professional learning is grounded in Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework (2020) which provides leaders and teachers with a structure to support whole school improvement in maths. 

With her trademark inspirational style, Anita will inspire and excite your teachers to become more confident mathematics educators who are willing to ‘have a go’ and implement new teaching strategies that support student understanding and engagement.