Inspiring primary teachers to love teaching maths!

Empower your teachers to become confident maths educators.

Excite your teachers with practical strategies to engage the full range of learners in maths.

Equip your leaders to create a learning environment where all students can be mathematicians.

Anita Chin acts as a change agent to make maths a priority in primary schools. With her distinctive no-nonsense approach, she calls it as she sees it without fear or favour.

Anita’s approach to the new NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus

What an exciting time it is with the roll out of the new NSW Mathematics K–6 Syllabus from 2023! The new syllabus provides a great opportunity for schools to focus on high quality teaching and learning in maths.

Anita is taking an innovative approach to support schools in leading the transition to the new syllabus. She is training small teams of primary maths leaders with content knowledge, implementation strategies, and hands-on tasks to assist them successfully lead the change to teaching and learning for their context.

This training is ideally suited to AP C&I’s, AP’s and teachers who lead maths at their school.

You can engage in this training with Anita through: