Your School’s Maths Crew

Maths needs a team: a crew of classroom teachers and school leaders who are passionate about maths and love sharing tips and success stories with their colleagues. They keep maths on the agenda by implementing:

  • ‘Maths flashes’ (2 minutes) at every staff meeting
  • ‘Maths check-ins’ (10 minutes) at the start of every stage/grade meeting.

This maths leadership team is what we call your Maths Crew – the ‘go to’ people for all things maths at your school. They lead your whole-school approach to improve how mathematics is taught and learned.

Your Maths Crew grounds their approach in Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework (2020). The framework describes what is needed for consistent, high-quality teaching and learning of maths from Kindergarten to Year 6.

A Maths Crew is an integral part of a customised learning journey with Anita.

Who’s in your Maths Crew?

Anita explains | How to build a
Maths Crew at your primary school

Ideally, a Maths Crew comprises of up to six mathematics enthusiasts:

  • your School Leader (the Principal)
  • the Maths Leader (a member of the school executive team)
  • and up to four Maths champions (one classroom teacher from each stage).

Each Maths Crew member takes on one or more responsibilities related to their own strengths and interests, and aligned to your school’s goals. Some crew responsibilities you might consider: Curriculum Guru, Professional Learning Coordinator, Equipment Boss, Books Curator, Digital Dynamo, Influencer. 

Your Maths Crew poster

When starting your school’s learning journey, it’s important to explain to your staff who your dedicated crew members are, their roles and how they will support staff with both professional learning and classroom implementation.

A Maths Crew poster will help celebrate your new maths leadership team!

Create your customised Maths Crew poster easily using our MS Word templates. Simply use your school photos, edit the text, then print on A3 paper and pin up on your special Maths Crew wall (usually located in a high traffic area for staff to be able to ‘stop and read’ such as the corridoor outside the staff room).  

Maths Crew poster templates

Click on an image to download the customisable Maths Crew poster according to the number of people in your crew.