Leading maths K–6 with Anita

Want to set up your primary school for ongoing success in maths? You need a dedicated team to lead maths and implement the changes you need for your context!

Anita’s approach to leading maths in primary schools includes all the strategies and tools you need to:

  • develop school-wide protocols for maths, including consistent lesson structure
  • improve your teachers’ maths content knowledge
  • organise your resources so they can be used with ease in the classroom
  • implement powerful strategies to differentiate and address gaps in student understanding.

When working with maths teams, Anita uses Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework (2020) to provide the structure needed to drive improvement and measure success.

Anita’s Primary Mathematics Framework

Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework (2020) is the culmination of more than 25 years’ experience in leading and teaching mathematics in Australian schools. The Framework combines a strong evidence base with Anita’s extensive knowledge of what works best in primary maths classrooms.

Anita works with schools to develop a whole-school approach which aligns with their strategic direction for mathematics. All professional learning is underpinned by her Framework which provides leaders and teachers with a structure to support whole school improvement in maths.

Establishing a Maths Crew

Maths needs a team: a crew of classroom teachers and leaders who are passionate about maths and love sharing tips and success stories with their colleagues. This maths leadership team is what we call your Maths Crew – the ‘go to’ people for maths at your school.

Your Maths Crew supports your classroom teachers to develop their content knowledge and teaching practice, and also ensures all teachers have the resources they need. 

Anita’s suite of resources for maths leaders

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image coming soon

Anita’s Ultimate Toolkit for Leaders

A folder jam-packed with everything your maths leaders need to organise and reignite maths at your school.

Anita’s 360 Degree School Reflection Tool

Aligned to Anita’s Framework, the School Reflection Tool is used at key milestones on your learning journey to gather the data you need to demonstrate progress towards your school’s strategic direction for mathematics.

Anita’s Planning & Timeline Tool

Anita’s Planning and Timeline Tool is used by your maths team to assist them to plan and record what happens when and which team members are responsible for each task.

Courses for maths leaders

Your school maths leadership team can benefit from Anita’s in person professional learning in a number of ways. You can choose when and how your leaders engage with Anita.