Whole school approach K-6: Differentiating Number and Algebra

Topic 5 – All four operations (whole class parallel tasks)

Video 7B to 7D This page contains all the video clips from Topic 5 of the Whole School Approach online course Differentiating Number and Algebra.   Click on each video thumbnail to view the clip.

​​Whole School Approach online course: Differentiating Number and Algebra

In this online course, the video clips are viewed during monthly hour-long face-to-face team meetings, led by team leaders.

During team meetings educators:

  • Collectively watch the demo lesson videos relevant to their team
  • Discuss the videos with their peers
  • Collaboratively plan how they will implement the strategies in their classrooms  

After each team meeting educators:

  • Implement the strategies in their classroom
  • Reflect on their practice
  • Share their successes both in the online learning community and in the next face-to-face team meeting

The online learning framework give you a structured, interactive opportunity to learn and implement best-practice mathematics pedagogy, and reflect upon and share your learning journey with your peers.

Video 7 Part B-1

Total 12′ activity. Parallel task, in pairs with individual recordings, Yrs 1-6

Running time 5:07min

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Video 7 Part B-2

‘Total 12’ activity. Implementing with Year 1

Running time 5:04min

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Video 7 Part B-3

‘Total 12’ activity. Questioning students, Yr 1-2

Running time 4:50min

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Video 7 Part C-1

‘Target Number’ activity. Explainer, Yrs 2-6

Running time 4:17min

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Video 7 Part C-2

‘Target Number’ activity instructions. Implementing with Yr 4-5 students, Yrs 2-6

Running time 5:21min

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Video 7 Part C-3

‘Target Number’ activity, the winner. Implementing with Yr 4-5 students, Yrs 2-6

Running time 2:26min

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Video 7 Part E-1

Using playing cards – Managing students, K-6 (4:15 min)

Running time 4:15min

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Video 7 Part E-2

Collecting and packaging playing cards, K-6

Running time 3:29min

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