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Creating and Using Observational Assessment Checklists for Maths

Do you need an assessment strategy that is quick and easy to implement ‘on the fly’ in the K-6 mathematics classroom? 
Course Description

Observational assessment checklists are easy to use and provide meaningful insights into student learning. Empower your teachers with the skills they need to create observational assessment checklists aligned to their teaching programs.

In this workshop, Anita will firstly guide your teachers through the process of developing an observational assessment checklist by applying their knowledge of the developmental sequence of a substrand. As a whole school, teachers will focus on one Number substrand for which each grade/stage team will write their own observational assessment checklist for a 6-month reporting period. By combining these checklists, your school will have a whole-school approach to assessment of that substrand. Secondly, each team will select another substrand and create a second checklist for their grade/stage using the same approach.

Anita will then show teachers how they can record their observations on a daily basis using her strategic system involving just a few pen strokes on a single piece of paper for the substrand for the calendar year. Yes, it can be that easy!

Related Elements of Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework 

The content of this course focuses on layer 4 of Anita’s Framework. More information about the Framework can be found here.

Delivery Model

This course is delivered as an after-school customised workshop at your school for your whole staff. It is suitable for early career teachers, experienced teachers, learning support educators, maths leaders and school leaders.

You can choose either a 2-hour or 3-hour course. If you choose the 3-hour course, teachers will consolidate their learning by creating additional observational assessment checklists for other substrands.

2 hour PD course
Cost: $2000 + travel expenses
Course Code: SOAC2010
Standards: 5.1.2
NESA Accredited: no

3 hour PD course
Cost: $3000 + travel expenses
Course Code: SOAC3010
Standards: 5.1.2
NESA Accredited: no

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