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Transforming Classroom Practice in Maths K-6: Fractions

Do you want to build your teachers’ confidence in teaching fractions to meet the needs of all students across your whole school? 
Course Description

Empower your teachers with the content knowledge and strategies they need to deliver high-quality lessons in fractions. In this whole-day workshop, Anita will take your staff on a journey through fractions from Kindergarten to Year 6 using the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Teachers will become the ‘students’ to experience what whole-class differentiated instruction looks, sounds and feels like for fractions. Anita will model effective teaching strategies employing the same simple concrete materials across the whole school and visual models.

As participants complete a variety of classroom-ready tasks, teachers will learn how to use rich mathematical language and open-ended questioning techniques to engage all learners. Throughout the course, Anita will share her secrets for packaging concrete materials for ease of use in the classroom.

Related Elements of Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework 

The content of this course focuses on layer 1 of Anita’s Framework. More information about the Framework can be found here.

Delivery Model

This course is delivered as a whole-day customised workshop at your school for your whole staff. It is suitable for early career teachers, experienced teachers, learning support educators, maths leaders and school leaders.

5 hour PD course
Cost: $4500 + travel expenses
Course Code: STFR5020
Standards: 2.5.2, 6.2.2, 6.4.2
NESA Accredited: no

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