ChinLEAD series of professional learning

Is your primary school doing all the right things in maths, but still not seeing the improvement you’d hoped for?

Many primary schools face a similar challenge: students starting each year with gaps in their understanding of fundamental concepts such as place value and fractions.

Often these schools have tried different maths initiatives and interventions, without seeing the levels of improvement they have been looking for.

Anita created ChinLEAD to help combat this problem. With its team-based format, strong emphasis on content knowledge and slow and steady approach, ChinLEAD gives you the strategies, tools and support you need to transform maths at your school.

Turn your best maths teachers into maths leaders

ChinLEAD is the distillation of Anita Chin’s 26 years experience in mathematics education K-12, combining her passion for engaging all learners in the classroom with her proven strategies for empowering teachers with content knowledge and high-quality classroom practice.

Both ChinLEAD modules are designed for small groups and delivered face-to-face with Anita. Places are limited to 60 people.

Maths needs a team. Introducing your Maths Crew!

Maths needs a team: a crew of classroom teachers and leaders who are passionate about maths and love sharing tips and success stories with their colleagues. This maths leadership team is what we call your Maths Crew – the ‘go to’ people for maths at your school. ChinLEAD helps you create your Maths Crew and build their maths confidence as part of a team. It supports them to focus on sustainable, high-impact initiatives and to share their passion and knowledge with your staff.

Developing Maths Leaders at Your Primary School

In person with Anita: a whole-day workshop and a 30-minute mentoring call at the end of term.

Pedagogy and content knowledge

  • Deep dive into the developmental sequences of learning in the NSW syllabus.

Strategy and leadership

  • How to build a high-performing Maths Crew.
  • How to build a high-quality whole-school approach to mathematics.
  • Plan your school’s maths journey.
  • At the end of Module One: plan your school’s next steps with Anita’s guidance.

Unpack your Complete Leading Maths Toolkit

  • Full of resources to take back to school.

Whole-day workshop (Term 3, wk 9), plus 30-minute mentoring call with Anita for each school

$400 (incl GST) per person
Payment methods: credit card or invoice

NESA PD: 5 hours  |  Course code: LONE5020
Presented by Anita Chin

Registration closes: Friday 21 August 2020 (Term 3, wk 5)

ChinLEAD series  |  Module Two (7 hrs)

Empowering Your Maths Leaders to Transform Mathematics Within Their Teams

In person with Anita: a whole-day and after-school workshop.

Pedagogy and content knowledge

  • How to structure a high-quality maths lesson.
  • Using Daily Number Sense to plug gaps in learning.
  • Dem lesson: Whole-class differentiated instruction.
  • Create and use observational assessment checklists.
  • Solving maths word problems.
  • Tasks to challenge high potential learners.

Strategy and leadership

  • Review and refine your school’s plan.
  • Leadership skills to inspire and coach your colleagues.

More great resources to add to your Complete Leading Maths Toolkit.


Whole-day workshop, followed by 2-hour after-school workshop (Term 4, wk 8)

$500 (incl GST) per person
Payment methods: credit card or invoice

NESA PD: 7 hours  |  Course code: LTWO7010
Presented by Anita Chin

Registration closes: Friday 6 November 2020 (Term 4, wk 4)

An evidence-based, sustainable approach

This innovative model of professional learning supports you to establish whole-school goals and strategies for change, and gives your maths team the practical knowledge, skills and materials to improve student outcomes in maths in a way which is achievable and sustainable over the long run.

ChinLEAD supports your maths leadership team’s growth as educators and provides them with the skills to inspire and coach their colleagues back at school towards consistent high-quality maths teaching and learning: ultimately preparing them for the task of transforming maths across the whole school.

2020 locations – find a ChinLEAD near you 

  • Schools may enrol in Module One, or both modules at the same time.
  • Module Two is only open to schools whose teams have already completed Module One.
Western Sydney  |  NSW
Seven Hills Public School

Module One

  • Whole-day: Monday 14 Sep (T3 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates in T3 & T4

Module Two

  •  Whole-day: Monday 30 Nov (T4 wk 8)
  • After-school: Monday 30 Nov (T4 wk 8)

Glendenning Public School

Southern Highlands  |  NSW
Bowral Public School

Module One

  • Whole-day: Tuesday 15 Sep (T3 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates in T3 & T4

Module Two

  • Whole-day: Tuesday 1 Dec (T4 wk 8)
  • After-school: Tuesday 1 Dec (T4 wk 8)

Bowral Public School

Lake Macquarie  |  NSW
Booragul Public School

Module One

  • Whole-day: Thursday 17 Sep (T3 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates in T3 & T4

Module Two

  • Whole-day: Thursday 3 Dec (T4 wk 8)
  • After-school: Thursday 3 Dec (T4 wk 8)

Hunter Valley Grammar School

2021 ChinLEAD locations

We are currently accepting applications for 2021 ChinLEAD Host Schools. Contact us if you would like to be involved.

Combine ChinLEAD and ChinUPs for a whole-school approach

This year, for the first time ever, Anita will be running her ChinUP after-school workshops alongside the ChinLEAD series in select regions of NSW.

This exciting combination means that while your developing maths leaders are attending ChinLEAD, your classroom teachers can go to her ChinUP after-school workshops to learn practical, hands-on classroom teaching strategies which support your school’s maths goals.

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