ChinLEAD series of professional learning

ChinLEAD gives you the opportunity to build a Maths Crew: a skilled mathematics leadership team who will drive improvement in the teaching and learning of maths at your school.

Your Maths Crew will build a vision for maths at your school, improve their mathematical content knowledge, gain strategic planning tools and fine-tune their leadership skills to transform maths teaching and learning across the whole school.

All participants receive digital and hard copy versions of Anita’s exclusive Complete Leading Maths Toolkit.

The ChinLEAD series is hosted by schools across NSW. Any primary school from any sector can register. Each exclusive event is limited to 60 participants.

Transforming maths teaching and learning across your whole school

Anita empowers your school’s Maths Crew with strategies to energise and prioritise mathematics and keep it on your school’s agenda. While your crew members’ maths teaching skills and confidence are improved, they are also taught how to support their colleagues. In this way, your whole school can consistently build the next generation of deep mathematical thinkers. 

Check out this short video from Anita and past ChinLEAD participants explaining how the ChinLEAD series of PL can support your school to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The essential ingredient: your Maths Crew

Before embarking on the ChinLEAD series of PL, your school will need to nominate their Maths Crew. A Maths Crew is a team of 3 to 6 (depending on the size of your school) maths enthusiasts who are committed to supporting your school to energise and prioritise maths.

Your Maths Crew will include:

  • A School Leader – the Principal or Deputy Principal
  • A Maths Leader – a member of your executive team
  • Up to four Maths Champions – classroom teachers representing each of your Professional Learning Teams.

Developing Maths Leaders at Your Primary School (5 hrs)

This module consists of a whole-day workshop and a 30-minute mentoring call.

School Maths Crews of up to six people (four teachers, a maths leader and a school leader) will be empowered with:

  • The knowledge and confidence to teach high-quality maths
  • Fundamental strategies for leading maths
  • Tools to identify where your school needs to go on their maths journey.

Following the whole-day workshop, Anita will have a 30-minute mentoring call with your school team to strategically plan your next steps.

Whole-day workshop (Term 1 week 9)
30-min mentoring call with Anita for each school
(Term 1 weeks 10-11 or Term 2 week 1)

$400 (incl GST) per person
Payment methods: credit card or invoice
NESA PD: 5 hours  |  Course code: LONE5020
Presented by Anita Chin

ChinLEAD  |  Module Two  |  Terms 2 & 3

Empowering Your Maths Leaders to Transform Mathematics Within Their Teams (7 hrs)

This module is for schools that have completed Module One and are now ready to build capacity in their Maths Crew.

This module will empower your Maths Crew with the strategies and skills to:

  • Implement and reflect on your school’s strategic plan developed in Module One
  • Use tools and techniques to transform maths teaching and learning
  • Inspire and coach their Professional Learning Teams towards consistent high-quality maths teaching and learning.

Whole-day workshop (Term 2 week 9)
2-hour after-school workshop 
(Term 3 week 9)

$500 (incl GST) per person
Payment methods: credit card or invoice

NESA PD: 7 hours  |  Course code: LTWO7010
Presented by Anita Chin

Enrolment Options

The ChinLEAD series has been designed to give Principals flexibility when planning their school’s learning journey. You can go on a six-month learning journey with Anita by completing both modules in succession (you will need to register the same Maths Crew in Module Two as you do for Module One). Alternatively, you can just do Module One now and sign up for Module Two the following year when your school is ready to progress. This model has the added advantage of allowing new Maths Crew members to complete either module as a catch-up the next year.

‘Grab now, details later’ tickets (now open)

STEP 1 – Determine the number of people in your Maths Crew and the role they will have (ie. School Leader, Maths Leader, Maths Champion).
STEP 2 – Follow the prompts in the ticket booking diagram below and click on the ‘Buy tickets’ button for your location. Make sure you have your credit card details handy (no fees charged). However, there is also the option to pay by invoice.
STEP 3 – Grab the number of tickets you need now, then give names and details for your Maths Crew by the closing date. Note: you will need to provide the Maths Crew role for each person when buying tickets (ie. School Leader, Maths Leader, Maths Champion).

Each course is limited to 60 participants.

Enrol in Modules One and Two upfront

Your school is ready for whole-school change and your Maths Crew are in a position to further develop their teaching and leadership skills to make it happen.

Enrol your entire Maths Crew in both Modules One and Two at the same time.

Enrol in Module One only

Your school is not quite ready for whole-school change but your Maths Crew is ready to develop their teaching skills and plan where you need to go on your journey.

Enrol your entire Maths Crew in Module One only.

Anita will help you decide the best time for your school to complete Module Two.

Enrol in Module Two only

You completed Module One either this year or in a previous year but haven’t yet done Module Two.

Enrol your entire Maths Crew in Module Two only.

2020 ChinLEAD locations

Western Sydney  |  NSW
Glendenning Public School

Module One

  • Whole-day: Monday 23 March (T1 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates
    (T1 wks 10-11 or T2 wk 1)

Module Two

  • Whole-day: Monday 22 June (T2 wk 9)
  • After-school: Monday 14 Sep (T3 wk 9)

Glendenning Public School

Southern Highlands  |  NSW
Bowral Public School


  • Whole-day: Tuesday 24 March (T1 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates
    (T1 wks 10-11 or T2 wk 1)


  • Whole-day: Tuesday 23 June (T2 wk 9)
  • After-school: Tuesday 15 Sep (T3 wk 9)

Bowral Public School

Lake Macquarie  |  NSW
Booragul Public School


  • Whole-day: Thursday 26 March (T1 wk 9)
  • Mentoring call: selected dates
    (T1 wks 10-11 or T2 wk 1)


  • Whole day: Thursday 25 June (T2 wk 9)
  • After-school: Thursday 17 Sept (T3 wk 9)

Hunter Valley Grammar School

2021 ChinLEAD locations

Locations for ChinLEAD are yet to be decided. Contact us to suggest a location for your Community of Schools.

Combine ChinLEAD and ChinUPs for a whole-school approach

In 2020, for the very first time, Anita will be running the ChinLEAD series of PL and ChinUP after-school workshops together in the same regions.

This means that while your developing maths leaders are participating in the ChinLEAD series to fine tune their leadership skills, mathematical content knowledge and strategic planning tools to deliver improved learning outcomes at your school, your classroom teachers can attend ChinUP workshops to learn effective teaching strategies which support your school’s strategic goals for mathematics.

This unique combination of two complimentary PL offerings gives your school the opportunity to create a whole-school approach to maths and set the stage for high-quality maths teaching and learning across the whole school.

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