Maths is taught differently these days compared to when your students’ parents were at school. So how do you get your parents on board with the new ways of teaching maths? Anita can do the hard work for you with one of her inspirational and informative workshops.

In this jam-packed one-hour workshop your school’s parents and community members will experience what a high-quality maths lesson can look, sound and feel like. 

How will this workshop support your school’s maths journey?

Anita will demystify the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus, explaining why and how the use of concrete materials, visual models and mathematical language is necessary to support students to become confident learners of maths.

Anita will tailor the workshop to showcase the tools and strategies that your teachers are implementing on their maths learning journey with her – dominoes, playing cards, ten frames, hundreds charts, the dot array, whiteboard inserts, or whatever it is that your teachers are using to meet the needs of all learners.

Parents will have fun experiencing what it is like to be a student in today’s maths classroom, using the same concrete materials and visual models their children use at school. They will leave the workshop informed and inspired with practical strategies to support the maths learning that is happening in classrooms at your school – they even get a take-home pack of goodies!

Course Details

Audience: Parents and members of your school community
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $1000 + travel expenses
Course Code: PUMT1010