This month-by-month model of PD has been designed for a whole school or community of schools approach to create a shared vision and to then bring about and sustain school wide change. An in-school coordinator leads the Professional Learning Community that develops over the duration of the course. The PD cycle requires schools to form Professional Learning Teams (stage and/or grade) to meet for five 1-hour Team Meetings as scheduled by schools. Course content is viewed during team meetings facilitated by Team Leaders who engage participants in collegial dialogue and planning. Participants then implement ideas in classrooms and write individual reflective comments.

Grounded in research this online course consists of five topics, which provide practical and valid strategies for differentiating both the concept being taught and the concrete materials used. Topics examine critical foundation number concepts for all four operations and embed the use of concrete materials and mathematical reasoning into a scaffolded sequence for teachers. Videos of in-class demonstration lessons K-6 by Anita cover the use of formative assessment practices and the use of explicit mathematical language to engage all learners. Strategies for organising resources are addressed.

The five topics are:

  1. Using concrete materials to differentiate instruction
  2. Asking good open-ended questions
  3. Addition and subtraction concepts
  4. Multiplication and division concepts
  5. All four operations

Course code: WSA1-DNA

Time: Schools determine their own implementation timeframe (up to a six-month period with 24/7 access).

Audience: All educators from the school i.e. classroom teachers, learning assistance teachers, executives and the Principal.

Cost (ex GST): A sliding scale per participant based on participant numbers. $310 (1-10); $300 (11-20); $290 (21-40); $280 (41-100); $270 (101-200); $250 (201-600); $230 (601+ participants).

Application to enrol: Contact Anita Chin via the contact page on the website.