This whole staff after-school 2-hour workshop provides teachers with practical activities for immediate implementation in the classroom. Leaders are provided with strategies to develop a whole school approach for differentiating instruction. The presenter, Anita, will use the online NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum to show how the ‘big ideas’ for multiplication and division develop K-8 and how concepts connect both within and across substrands.

Participants will work in stage/grade based PLT’s to engage in a range of developmentally sequenced tasks for use across the whole school. Teams will then plan a lesson to implement. Educators will be empowered with pedagogical content knowledge and appropriate tools to differentiate instruction to meet the wide range of needs and abilities in a mixed-ability and/or multi-aged classroom.

Whole class instruction strategies modelled for differentiating both the concept being taught and the concrete materials used includes the use of:

  • rich mathematical language to teach for a conceptual understanding of multiplication and division concepts
  • an interactive whiteboard or a large format touchscreen to annotate over the images in the online syllabus document to make the mathematics visible
  • one resource for the whole class, differentiated to individual learning needs and abilities e.g. dot dice, 0-9 dice, 1-20 dice
  • black line master insert sheets used with student white board insert sleeves e.g. dot array, 1 cm area grid
  • the phrase “Make it, say it, draw it, write it” to develop students’ ability to think, reason and work mathematically

Course code: 2H-MD

Audience: All educators K-6 from the one school i.e. classroom teachers, learning assistance teachers, executives and the Principal.

Cost: All tailored on-site events incur a fixed Presenters Fee (see course web page for details) and a variable travel cost.

Bookings: Available on request. Contact Anita Chin via the website contact page.