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Anita Teaches Your Class Maths: Addition and Subtraction

Would you like to see an expert classroom practitioner teach a lesson drawn from the Addition and Subtraction substrand to students in your very own school?
Course Description

Anita will model effective whole-class instruction across different grades that allows you to assess students’ understanding, adapt your lesson and differentiate ’on the go’ using age-appropriate concrete materials and visual models, including double-nine dot dominoes (K–2) and the empty number line (Y3–6).

Related Elements of Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework 

The content of this course focuses on layer 3 of Anita’s Framework. More information about the Framework can be found here.

Delivery Model

In her unique demonstration lessons, Anita skilfully engages your school’s students in their own classrooms to provide the ultimate learning experience for your teachers. The day is suitable for early career teachers, experienced teachers, learning support educators, maths leaders and school leaders.

Anita runs three demonstration lessons in one day, customised to your teachers’ needs.

Working in stage- or grade-based teams, teachers:

  • participate in a pre-lesson briefing (15 minutes)
  • observe Anita teach a stage or grade-based lesson (60 minutes)
  • debrief with Anita discussing what she did and why (15 minutes).

1.5 hour PD course
Cost: $4500 + travel expenses
Course Code: DTAS1520
Standards: 2.5.2, 3.5.2
NESA Accredited: no

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