ChinUP after-school workshops are hosted by primary schools across NSW and are open to all schools in the local area. These two-hour workshops are for school teams of up to 8 educators, and any school in any sector is welcome. Individuals and casual teachers are also very welcome to attend. 

Presented by Anita Chin
Audience: Early career teachers, classroom teachers, Mathematics/Numeracy leaders.
Course code: UALS0170
NESA PD Hours: 2 hours
Cost: $160 (incl GST) per person

Course Description

Wondering how to best structure your maths lesson? Is there a process for delivering a high-quality maths lesson that includes minute-by-minute, day-by-day assessment practices to inform your teaching? A consistent daily maths routine across all classes can yield many benefits for students. However, implementing whole-class differentiated instruction can be a challenge as it requires consideration of assessment practices, teaching strategies and learning activities.

The presenter, Anita Chin will take you on a journey as you engage in activities and learning episodes from all five parts of her lesson structure:

  1. Daily Number Sense (warm-up) – time for students to practice prior learning as they are immersed in fact fluency, concept connections and mathematical language. Time for teachers to gather evidence about what students know, understand and can do with what they know. Also, a great time to plug gaps!
  2. Introduce new content – using visual models (eg. dot array) to build on prior learning, guide differentiation and extend and support all learners
  3. Reinforce whole-class understandings before directing students to tables and chairs for pair work
  4. Practice new content – using developmentally sequenced parallel tasks (one task, whole-class). Productive struggle is celebrated.
  5. Reflect on the lesson – using journal writing, exit tickets, thumbs up/down to celebrate learning.

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of the importance of a ‘tight but loose’ lesson structure and strategies to implement ideas in their classroom the very next day.

Completing ChinUP K-6: A 5-Part Lesson Structure: What, Why and How? will contribute 2 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 2.5.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Event Details

There are currently no events scheduled for this ChinUP course. If your school is interested in hosting a ChinUP, please contact us.